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Courses Taught


Faculty of Environmental Studies

ENVS 8102     PhD Seminar (co-taught with Anders Sandberg, Reg Lang)

ENVS 7149      Writing (and) Environment (Advanced Seminar in Culture and Environment)

ENVS 7147      Bodies and Landscapes (Special Topics in Environment and Postmodernity)

ENVS 6149      Culture and Environment (cross-listed as COCU 6120)

ENVS 6147      Environmental Studies in Postmodernity

ENVS 5180      Interdisciplinary Social Analysis

ENVS 5147      Nature and Environment in Western Thought

ENVS 5101      Approaches to Environmental Studies (team)


Faculty of Environmental Studies

ENVS 4340      International Advocacy

ENVS 4151      Environmental Politics and Advocacy II

ENVS 3151      Environmental Politics & Advocacy I

ENVS 1800      Environmental Writing/Writing the Environment

Department of Sociology, Trent University (Oshawa)

SOWS 342      Women, Men, and Society

Department of Sociology, Faculty of Arts, York University

SOCI 3690      Sociology of Gender

Women's Studies Program, University of Victoria

WS 200B      Women in Society: Present and Future