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Student Supervision


Faculty of Environmental Studies (Postdoctoral Fellows)

2006-2008          Susan Moore

2005-2006          Adam Dickinson

Faculty of Environmental Studies (PhD Supervision)

* = nominated for York University Dissertation Prize

** = won York University Dissertation Prize

In progress:

Lauren Corman

Firoza Elavia

Bruce Erickson


Megan Salhus            Resistance and Conformity: The Dialectic of Urban Cohousing


Jenny Kerber*            Writing in Dust: Reading the Prairie Environmentally


Nicholas Garside*      Feral Citizens, Democratic Ideals, and the Politicization of Nature


Peter Andrée*            The Global Politics of Agricultural Biotechnology: A Case Study of the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety


Sherilyn MacGregor** Beyond Mothering Earth: Ecofeminism and the Gendered Politics of Care

Faculty of Environmental Studies (PhD Supervisory Committees)

In progress

Jennifer Cypher


Jocelyn Thorpe*       Temagami’s Tangled Wild: Race, Gender and the Making of Canadian Nature

Catherine Phillips       Seed More than Seeds: Natures, Technology and Politics with/in Seed Saving


John Sandlos*            Northern Wildlife, Northern People: Native Hunters and Wildlife Conservation in the NWT, 1984-1970

Graduate Program in Social and Political Thought (PhD Supervision)

In progress

Craig Meadows

Graduate Program in Social and Political Thought (PhD Supervisory Committees)

In progress

Charles Wells


Astrida Neimanis*       Bodies of Water

Graduate Program in Political Science (PhD Supervisory Committees)


Alex Latta*             Political Natures: Ecological Citizenship in Chile’s Alto Bío Bío

Graduate Program in Women’s Studies (PhD Supervisory Committees)


Christine Klassen Storied Selves: Technologies of Identity in Feminist Witchcraft

Department of Sociology, University of Waterloo (PhD Supervisory Committees)


Elaine Clarke Rapley      Improvisational Dance as a Practice of Freedom

Faculty of Environmental Studies (PhD Comprehensives Advising)

In progress

Joanna Adamiak

Loree Erickson

Teresa Johnston

Janine MacLeod

Jesse Payne (withdrew in good standing)

Heather Rigby (on leave of absence)

John Rivière-Anderson

Graduate Program in Social and Political Thought (PhD Comprehensives Advising)

In progress

Neil Shyminsky

Renée Valiquette

Graduate Program in Humanities (PhD Comprehensives Advisory Committees)

In progress

Robert Brown

MES Major Papers, Theses and Projects, Faculty of Environmental Studies

* = included in FES Outstanding Graduate Student Papers Series


Mandy Bergman      Learning Through Public Conversation

Melissa Goldstein Cultural Diversity and the TRCA: In Pursuit of the Living City, Rethinking the Work We Do and How We Do It

Chris Near            Revisiting Islands of Wilderness Theodore Automobile Advertising and the Construction of the Self Polichronopoulos

Amanda Rappak      The Green Tea Spectacle: The Culture of Foods that Heal


Amanda Di Battista*      Environment in Mind: A Creative and Ecocritical Look at Popular Literature

Ronit Little            The Call of the World: A Levinasian Response

Susanne Porter-Bopp*      Postcolonial Landscapes and Politics in Gwaii Haanas National Park


Misty Pratt Guiding Our Girls: Ecological Citizenship and the Girls Guides of Canada

Kathy Raddon            Power Lines


Nola Poirier            A Wild and Free Democracy


Sharmini Fernando             Practicing Citizenship: Transnational Networks, NGO's and Civil Society

Aileen Penner*            Salmon Tales: An Arts-Informed and Literary Inquiry intoSalmon Farming in B.C.


Pauline Craig*            The Same River Twice

Heather Lash*            Justice To-Be-Done: Telling Stories Before the Birth of thePlot

Dom Repta            Confined Feedlot Operations in Southwestern Alberta

Karen Scottie*            Odyssey of the Hyperreal (anti)Hero: A Couch Potato’s Epic Pornosophy of Becoming


Heather Ducharme* Here We Fight the Coldest War: Gender and Environmental Science on the DEW Line


Amy Block    Identity and Representation in Immigration and RefugeeLaw

Derek Evernden      Nature and Visual Narrative

Joanna Fine            The Promises of Food

Laurie Uytterlinde, Flood      Constructive Engagement: Producing Liberal, Entrepreneurial Subjects of Rights

Teresa Johnston Goodwood          Betwixt and Between: Embodied Performance in Liminal Space

Tom Kemeny            On the Corner: Between Culture and Economics in the City

Shirley Roburn            Narratives, Tools and Technologies


Tonia Chahley*     Nature as Autobiography: Healing the Earth-Body and the Human-Body with Holistic Medicine

Nicholas Garside*      Beyond an Autonomous Nature: Democratic Radical Environmentalism

Lynn Graham      Democracy and Social Change in Community Organizing: Feminist Responses to Marginalization


Rose Cullis            Baal: A Reinterpretation

Claire Farid*            “Natural Bodies”: Breast Implants and Legal Equality

Larry Innes*            Innu Environmental and Political Discourse

Jennifer Morrow      Effecting Change in Local Communities


Ray Bennett*            Articulations: Knowing (T)heory, Praxis, and Lived Experience

Paule Cotter            Experiences of Nurturance? Practices of Everyday Life in Three Hi-storically Moored Intentional Communities

Daniel Gennarelli      Making a Case for Inclusion of Refugee Voice via a Participatory Research Approach

Shauna O'Donnell      Ka Ea O Ka ‘Aina: An Exploration of Hawaiian Bodies


Tzeporah Berman      Standing for Our Lives: Ecofeminism and Lessons from Clayoquot Sound

M.A. Major Papers, Graduate Program in Communications and Culture (Committees)


Charlotte Scott            Well, Listen: Acoustic Community on Toronto Island

M.A. Major Papers, Graduate Program in Women’s Studies (Supervision)


Dana Mount            Mama’s Gone a’ Huntin’: Women and Hunting in Canada


Jennifer Barth           Green Choices and Rigid Boundaries: Gender and Environmental Responsibility in the Earth Charter

M.A. Major Papers, Department of History in Art (Committees)


Martha Crombie      Nature and Nationalism in Queen Victoria Park

M.A. Theses, Department of Dance (Co-supervision)


Meg O’Brien            Stage Presence as a Tool of Social Transformation


Faculty of Environmental Studies (BES Theses and Projects)

* = nominated for Senior Honours Award of Distinction

** = won Senior Honours Award of Distinction


Emily Adam            Ecological Restoration and Cultural Politics


Kevin Rosenfarb**      Change is For Certain


Dana Mount*            Feminist Ecocriticism: LeGuin and Michaels


Manivillie Kanagasabapathy             Bollywood: Gender, Diaspora, Representation


Julie Conway            McWorld and its Discontents: A Discussion on CulturalGlobalisation

Karen Okamoto*      Interrogating the Image of the Earth: Environmentalist Constructions of Racialized, Disciplinary, and Technoscience Discourses


John Doleweerd      It’s Not Easy Being Simple: The Simple Living Action Group

Ishwar Persad            NAFTA, Globalization and Women Workers in the Mexican Automotive Sector

Shaun Sanderson      Locating Globalization in My Community


Victoria Paris            Life’s a Beach: Tourism and the Construction of Reality

Sheila Pressick      Performance Ecofeminism: Ecofeminism in Drag

Anthony Williams*      Communities Combating Globalization


Jennifer Deveny         Escaping Corporate Forestry in British Columbia:  Reconnecting with Community and the Environment

Stephanie Petruzzellis          Eco-Warriors: An Evaluation of Greenpeace


Susanne Engel            The Monster is Out of Control: Chornobyl and the Frankenstein Phenomenon (An Ecofeminist Re-visitation)